The Best Yoghurt Maker to Buy

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The craziness and appetite for yogurt are great. From supermarkets to mom and dad shops, you’ll find a variety of yoghurts on the shelves. While the in-store options have their advantages and convenience factor, cooking a yogurt at home from scratch is a different experience.

Luckily you don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy preparing yogurt, all you need is a yogurt maker and you’re ready to go.


If you want to buy the best yogurt producer, we are right behind you! In this guide we will talk about the best yoghurt producers, their characteristics and accessories.

But before we go any further, let’s get to know the yogurt.

Why is yoghurt so popular?

The word yoghurt is enough to evoke images of health, well-being, diet and superfood. It is one of the oldest foods in the world, dating from 7000 years ago. It would have happened in the Middle East.

It is assumed that the milk has remained open, fermented by bacteria. This is how the original version of the yoghurt came into being. It was quickly exported to other parts of the world, and the rest is, as they say, history.

But why is yoghurt popular and is it considered a superfood? Because it’s a superfood with dozens of advantages. Milk produces highly concentrated probiotics when processed into yoghurt. These probiotic bacteria and microorganisms are considered good. They are adapted to the intestine and ensure the normal functioning of your body.

Some of the proven benefits of yogurt:


  • Promotion of bone health
  • Digestion of AIDS and improvement of the digestive system
  • Provides the necessary trace elements
  • boosts the immune system

Despite the fact that yoghurt is very useful and everything, one thing that has made it very popular is that it is really delicious. Food manufacturers around the world are experimenting with the appearance and taste of yoghurt by introducing yoghurt flavour products that will attract an even wider audience.

It’s also very versatile. The cake goes perfectly with many other foods. It is used in various kitchens, whether Indian, Chinese, Thai, British or Mexican. It can be used with food and as an independent snack.


Types of yogurt manufacturers

Yogurt makers spoil you with their choice. There are many types of yoghurt manufacturers on the market from which you can choose exactly what you need. They are essentially distinguished by their technology and characteristics.

Yoghurt producers can be divided into three types.


As you may have guessed, electric yoghurt producers work with electricity. These yoghurt makers are equipped with sensors, timers, heaters andcontrollers that can facilitate the yoghurt production process. They also speed up the whole process.

A temperature control system such as the maintains an ideal temperature of , which promotes the growth of bacteria and accelerates the fermentation process. This often results in a better quality yoghurt that is not too thin or too thick.



Non-electric yoghurt makers are an old version of yoghurt makers. As their name suggests, they do not use electricity and depend on the natural workflow of it. Here the milk must be boiled separately to denature the proteins and then filled into a container for cooling and fermentation.

Some manufacturers have a separate compartment for storing boiled water, where you simply place the container on top.

These types of yoghurt producers are cheaper than electric yoghurt producers and require less maintenance. On the other hand, you won’t necessarily find modern devices like timers and you’ll have to use your calculations and intuition to adjust the process.

If you want to experience the process of making yogurt as if it were centuries ago, you should probably buy one of these products.


Automatic yoghurt producers belong to the highest spectrum of yoghurt producers. They are able to work independently and need minimal supervision.

For example , they can set the temperature independently by calculating the outside temperature and the temperature required for optimal yogurt production. Moreover, they can cool the yogurt after fermentation without your intervention.

If you’re one of those who just want fresh yogurt every morning, but don’t have time to go through the whole process, then automatic yogurt makers are the best choice for you.

But that doesn’t mean you just pour the milk and forget about it. You’re gonna have to do your part. Automatic simply means that it can regulate the process better than other types of yoghurt producers.

Electric yoghurt producers have the freest hands, are easiest to use and take the least time.

Evaluation of the best yoghurt producers

Euro Kitchen YM80 Yoghurt Maker

Euro Kitchen YM80 Yoghurt Machine Pinjut it

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This yoghurt producer promises 2 litres of fresh yoghurt within 6 to 10 hours. Just beat with the ingredients, close the lid and press the start button, and this electric yogurt maker does the rest.

It comes with seven glass jars, each containing six ounces.  One of the best features of this yoghurt maker is that you can make six yoghurts of different flavours at the same time. A built-in timer tells you when the yogurt is ready.

The glasses are dishwasher safe and therefore easy to clean after use. Because the cans are transparent, you can see the whole fermentation process that gives so much satisfaction.

The advantages of

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can produce 42 ounces of yogurt.
  • Three year warranty
  • Bisphenolic acid free


  • It can happen by trial and error.

7-in-1 instantaneous potentiometer

Immediate container Collection

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If you’re looking for a truly versatile machine in your kitchen, capable of making fresh yoghurt at home, look no further than this programmable multifunctional machine from Instant Pot.

He can wear a yoghurt oven hat, steamer, pot, rice cooker, slow cooker and pressure cooker at the same time. And this also corresponds to excellent execution and restoration. Just press the button in the interface section and it will adapt to your kitchen in front of you.

It contains 6 litres of yoghurt, and the company claims that it can make your yoghurt two to three times faster than other yoghurt manufacturers.

Despite its high weight, its stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean, safe to use and has passed 10 ULC safety tests. It is also rated in low range, making it an excellent choice.

The advantages of

  • Combines seven kitchen appliances in one.
  • Easy to clean.
  • power efficiency


  • Customer service could have been better
  • Could be short-lived.

Euro kitchen GY50

Euro Kitchen GY50 Pin It

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This yoghurt machine is made entirely of plastic, which of course does not contain BPA. So it doesn’t suck any unwanted chemicals into your yogurt. There are two sections, one for yogurt and one for filtered water. This filter is very handy if you want to make your homemade or bought yoghurt even thicker.

It produces non-electric yoghurts, which means you don’t have the high-tech characteristics often found in electric yoghurts. Also note that this is a Greek yogurt, which is made by removing excess whey from a normal yogurt. So, as soon as you make yogurt or buy it in the supermarket, use this yogurt maker to make Greek yogurt in a few hours.

It can contain two quarters of yoghurt, which is ideal for single use in a family of 3-4 people. If you are a minimalist, this Euro Cuisine GY50 yoghurt maker can be a good choice.

The advantages of

  • Can convert up to two litres of normal yoghurt into Greek yoghurt.
  • No bisphenyls.
  • Easy to use


  • The filter does not always work as intended.
  • Sustainability is one thing

Yoghurt 104 Electric Yoghurt

Jogurmet 104 Electric yoghurt Pin it

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Despite the fact that this yoghurt maker is a non-electric design, it is an electric yoghurt maker and comes with a thermometer and instructions for use. However, if you disagree that plastic can hold your yogurt, you can also use glass and put it in the yogurt maker.

It has a number of innovative features, such as the water bath system that ensures a uniform temperature throughout the container. In addition, this product has a major advantage over its competitors in terms of the speed of production of yoghurt. You can boil 1 to 2 litres of yoghurt in less than four hours.

If you are looking for a cheap electric yoghurt that is a complete product in itself, then this is the best product you can buy. There is also a three-year guarantee, which we think is a good investment.

The advantages of

  • Helps to maintain a perfect temperature during yoghurt preparation.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Equipped with an airtight lid that keeps the yogurt fresh for a long time.


  • Some leakage problems

Manufacturer of stainless steel yoghurt with glass jar

Stainless Steel Yoghurt Maker Pins it

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This yoghurt maker is ideal for one person or a couple, because it can only hold one litre of yoghurt. It’s a non-electric manufacturer and you don’t have to connect it. The included glass container ferments the milk and makes it possible to spread a yoghurt enriched with probiotics at home.

No plastic is needed either, just a glass container and a stainless steel container. Compare this to the fact that it is not powered by electricity and you will see that it is one of the best yoghurt manufacturers that naturally produces yoghurt.

The advantages of

  • Made of glass and stainless steel
  • Compact functional design
  • Electricity is not needed


  • No, as such.

Kitchen Handset CYM-100 Manufacturer of self-cooling electronic yoghurt

Food processor CYM-100 Electronic yoghurt machine Cancel

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With almost 50 ounces or 1.5 litres of space, you can produce large quantities of fresh yoghurt in one go.

The Cuisinart yoghurt maker can become your ideal yoghurt machine with all modern high-tech functions. It regulates the temperature itself, which promotes growth, and also switches off at the end of the treatment period. Then the CYM-100 will cool your yogurt immediately, even when you’re not at home.

The stainless steel construction is perfect in the kitchen, and working with the LED display makes it even better. A disadvantage, however, is that a capacity of 50 corners makes them cumbersome. It is also an excellent automatic yoghurt.

The advantages of

  • Equipped with an integrated cooling system
  • Ease of use
  • Supplied with time control.
  • Produces more than six eight-ounce servings at a time.


  • Requires a short learning curve.

Cusiboxautomatic yoghurt machine

Cusibox automatic yoghurt machine Screws

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Are you looking for an electric yoghurt dispenser for a very low price? Then write a short list of that Cusibox car.

It has seven cans that make it possible to prepare yoghurt of different flavours in a single session. Tank containers are safer than plastic containers.

The temperature control ensures an accurate and controlled temperature for a better yogurt yield.  As a bonus you will receive a recipe booklet with which you can spend a few months on the car.

The advantages of

  • Equipped with many functions, such as temperature control
  • Made from food materials
  • Custom construction


  • Small learning curve

Useful accessories

If yoghurt producers do most of the work themselves, some products will make the whole process even more painless. You can use them when you need them.

Yoghurt jugs

Yoghurt Pitchers Pinning

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The set consists of 12 cans and an equal number of dessert spoons. It will be easier for you to treat your yogurt. If you produce large quantities of yoghurt and need to store it, use these boxes. You can also keep sliced fruit, dried fruit or snacks for your yoghurt.


Tank Unscrew.

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These plastic containers are the best alternative to brick cans (if you are looking for one) and are BPA-free because they are made of polypropylene. Thanks to these receptacles, you can store a whole yoghurt if necessary and then prepare it afterwards.

How to make yoghurt with the yoghurt maker

Yoghurt manufacturers have made the process of making yoghurt at home quite simple. It is highly recommended to buy – yogurt machine, thermometer, mixing bowl and bucket – before going to work. The ingredients are milk and some plain yoghurt.

Here are the steps in preparing a yogurt in the yogurt workshop:

  • Take either whole milk or skimmed milk. Avoid skimmed or tinted milk.
  • Heat the milk until it forms edges in the pan. But don’t let it boil. The temperature must be 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • As soon as the edges begin to form, remove them from the stove and let them cool down to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Then heat a fresh, plain yoghurt by mixing a little hot milk. Stir to a smooth mass while stirring continuously.
  • Now pour the yoghurt and milk mixture into the container.
  • It’s time to add one of your favorite flavors. Then close the lid of the container and shake it gently.
  • Now it’s time to put him in a yogurt incubator. Then the probiotics start fermenting the milk. Whole milk takes about 7 hours to coagulate, skimmed milk about 9 hours. Keep the lid open during incubation so that the potter can adjust the temperature more easily.
  • When this is done, put the lid back on the container and let it cool down.


What should I look out for when buying ayoghurt machine?

Dimensions and power

First of all: What’s the size of the party? In other words: How much yogurt do you want to make all at once? If you only do it for yourself, you have to choose a smaller party size.

If the whole family is involved, a larger family is needed. So you have to look at the size first when you consider which yoghurt producer you should buy. These machines are mainly available in the sizes 750 ml, 1 l and 1.5 l.


Tank dimensions

Once you’ve decided how big the party is and for how many people you’re going to make yoghurt, it’s time to move on to the container. It retains the yogurt when it is produced. The containers are made of glass or BPA-free plastic. Although the containers are for sale separately, you get better conditions by purchasing a combination.

Preparation time

The time needed for each manufacturer to prepare the yogurt varies depending on the model. For example, producers of electric yoghurt will ferment the milk faster than their non-electric counterparts. This allows you to choose what suits you best, depending on the time available.

Temperature control

This only applies to electricians. Temperature plays an important role in milk fermentation. It must be ideal for a bacterial culture to survive and fulfill its task. This often leads to higher yields. Some manufacturers of high quality and even affordable electric yoghurts have an accurate temperature control function, while others do not.



Flexibility here refers to the types of yoghurt that can be produced in a yoghurt production company. Some machines can produce 5 or 6 types, while others are limited to one or two specific types.

There are also machines that can do more than just make yoghurt, such as boiling water and milk. So, the more flexible a yogurt producer is, the better if you want to experiment.

Automatic shutdown and cooler

The automatic switch-off switches off the heating and the appliance after the yoghurt has formed. This guarantees comfort and safety. Time is important, because if the yoghurt is heated for too long, it can become too thick and look like curd cheese.


Some yoghurt producers come with a timer and an alarm clock, which do not switch off the machine themselves, but inform you about the end of the process.

The automatic cooler ensures immediate cooling of the yogurt after production. It improves the yoghurt and its taste. Some yoghurt producers have an integrated automatic cooling function and can even switch from fermentation to cooling mode.

Dishwasher safe

If you are a very active yoghurt consumer, the dishwasher offers you many conveniences. You can clean the yogurt machine like any other kitchen appliance.

Parts such as pots, pans, containers and glasses can be thrown directly into the dishwasher, even if the machine itself is not labelled in the dishwasher.


Finally, check the price of the product and see whether or not it is included in your projected budget. Balance between price and features, warranty, brand and any special benefits. Most cars in this category are generally not expensive. So it’s all about finding the right option for you at the best price.


How do I clean ayoghurt machine?

Cleaning a yogurt cart is quite easy. Depending on the yoghurt manufacturer used and the manufacturer’s instructions, the appliance must be cleaned accordingly.

Some manufacturers recommend cleaning the unit with a damp cloth without immersing it completely in water. This applies in particular to automated and electric yoghurt producers. By being submerged, it exposes its electrical components to water and causes damage.

To clean the yogurt machine, simply remove the individual parts and clean them one by one. Carefully wash the yoghurt machine and the different parts with detergent and rinse them with water.

Let them dry in the shade for a few hours. Then wipe it again with a cloth before putting it back together again.

In the case of dishwashers, you can easily clean them in the dishwasher at the same time as other dishes. It wouldn’t hurt any of its parts.

How to make yoghurt without yoghurt maker

Thanks to all this, you can now produce yoghurt without having to rely on any particular manufacturer! All you need are the right ingredients (milk, yoghurt and fermentation culture) and a temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 to 7 hours at a time. There are three ways to do this.

In the oven

To prepare the yogurt in the oven, the oven must be heated to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Then put the heated milk mixed with the culture in the oven and let it rest for 4 to 6 hours. Cover it with towels for better insulation.


In the slow plate

The slow cooker not only helps in the preparation of soup or stew, but can also be used to make yoghurt. Pour the warm milk into the pot and heat the stove for another two hours. Then turn it off and let the milk cool for three or four hours.

In the thermos flask

The thermos bottle insulates the heat very well and keeps the barrel warm for a long time. It is therefore an ideal tool for the preparation of yoghurt.


One thing that distinguishes yoghurt producers is that they help you regulate the temperature better. You can also prepare yoghurts in batches of different flavours. Since the most advanced yoghurt manufacturers are quite cheap, buying yoghurt for home use seems like a very good investment.

What is your favourite yoghurt maker? Indicate this in the notes below.




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