Diarrhoea yogurt: is yogurt good for diarrhoea?

In most cases of severe diarrhoea it is advisable to avoid dairy products, right? I think that’s a yes. But although it may seem contradictory, it is true that the use of yoghurt has a very good and significant effect against diarrhoea. Several scientific studies have shown that although dairy products increase the symptoms of diarrhoea, yoghurt is a fermented dairy product, it has excellent probiotic activity to fight diarrhoea. So today I’m gonna talk about yogurt for diarrhea. I’ll also try to explain that yogurt is good for diarrhea.

Recommended: We know that the Cochrane Systematic Review Database report of May 2013 examined yoghurt and diarrhea and indicated that probiotics are effective in preventing diarrhea caused by bad bacteria.

Yoghurt against diarrhoea

Recommended: Assessment of the Euro cookware manufacturer.

I’d like to start with a little story about diarrhea. Diarrhoea is common among children and adults. In most cases diarrhea is an intestinal disorder. If you have diarrhoea, the frequency of your bowel movements increases and your body loses water very quickly because of the watery stool. So this time you have to eat a lot of liquid food.

However, one of the main causes of diarrhoea is food poisoning. There are also other causes, such as bacterial or viral infections, poor medication, parasites, etc. Diarrhoea usually lasts a few days, after which the symptoms disappear completely. In addition, the diarrhoea can also become serious and the treatment takes longer.


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Means of combating diarrhoea

There are several ways to treat diarrhea, and the most common is the medical method. Although there are some medications available, I prefer and advise you to use natural home remedies and prevention. It is therefore a good idea to add yoghurt to your daily meal to prevent diarrhoea. Later on I will talk about the different ways to use yoghurt (yoghurt with natural recipes) to fight diarrhoea.

Do probiotics cause diarrhoea?

Although they are considered good for our digestive system, they can sometimes cause allergic reactions. In addition, they can cause slight stomach problems, gas formation or even diarrhoea. Although they are already naturally present in your body, you may sometimes develop certain conditions that require you to take probiotic supplements or foods because they are considered safe.

Is yoghurt good against diarrhoea?

Yes, without any confusion. Yoghurt is a good source of lactic acid, which helps kill bad bacteria in your intestines. However, yogurt contains more protein than other foods that prevent diarrhea.

Greek yogurt for diarrhoea

Greek yogurt is anti-pathogenic and anti-inflammatory. Because of these two properties it is preferable to normal yoghurt. Moreover, Greek yoghurt contains friendlier germs than normal yoghurt. For them, it provides better protection against harmful bacteria and facilitates good digestion. Moreover, Greek yogurt is an excellent choice for the treatment of yeast infections. I’ll now show you how to eat Greek yogurt to cure the diarrhea.


  • You can have a cup of Greek yogurt, mix it with seasonal fruits or vegetables you like and eat it.
  • Eat Greek yogurt twice a day.

Eating Greek yogurt with these methods helps to prevent diarrhea and also increases your immunity.

Is yoghurt good for diarrhoea in babies?

Yoghurt is also a healthy food for babies and young children. It is also a good food to treat diarrhoea in their home.

Also do not add honey to baby yoghurt, as this can cause botulism in babies. You can also add some small pieces of seasonal vegetables (sweet potatoes, mushrooms, etc.) or some fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, blackberries, etc.

Yoghurt is a food that is both good and tasty. So I don’t think you’d mind eating yogurt to prevent illness. Although yoghurt is a delicious meal by nature, you can let it taste as you like. Now, I’m gonna show you the diarrhea recipes for yogurt.

Yoghurt Recipes For Diarrhoea

Yoghurt: Yoghurt is an effective treatment for stress-related diarrhoea or food poisoning (travel diarrhoea caused by E. coli). Moreover, living yoghurt cultures help your digestive system to function normally again. You can drink a cup of yogurt twice a day after a meal.

Yoghurt and fenugreek seeds: Fenugreek seeds are effective in treating diarrhoea. In addition, fenugreek seeds contain up to 50% of the mucous membrane (a type of fibre), which is considered a natural remedy for diarrhoea because it absorbs and expands water in the intestine. In addition, fenugreek seeds increase consistency, i.e. they increase the volume of your stool, reducing your discomfort. You can combine your yoghurt with fenugreek seeds in the following way


  • Take half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds from a yoghurt pot. Mix them well and eat them.
  • In addition, you can eat a mixture of a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and a tablespoon of yoghurt to prevent diarrhoea.

Yoghurt, fenugreek seeds and cumin: Cow mini seeds are also considered a natural and domestic remedy for diarrhoea. For many years doctors have been offering cumin seed for the treatment of diarrhoea. However, Kummel has antiseptic properties and can increase the strength of the stomach because it can work well.


  • Take half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, half a teaspoon of cumin. They are now roasted and crushed after cooling.
  • Take 2 tablespoons yoghurt and mix it with powder.
  • Eat a mixture of yoghurt, caraway and fenugreek 3 times a day.

Yoghurt with black cumin oil: Besides the treatment of flatulence, colic, asthma and constipation, black cumin has a pleasant effect on diarrhea. Black cumin oil can be used for the treatment of diarrhea. Black cumin oil, rich in nutrients, contains various components for the treatment of diseases and has been used for a long time. However, this helps to protect the good gastrointestinal bacteria and improve the digestive system.

Method: Take a teaspoon of black seed oil and mix it with a jar of yoghurt. Take the mixture twice a day until you feel good.

Yoghurt and banana: Bananas have many therapeutic properties because they contain a pleasant combination of proteins, vitamins and minerals. In addition, the banana is a low-potassium fruit and helps to restore the body’s energy level. In addition, raw, green bananas contain pectin, a fibre that saturates stools. Studies also show that bananas are more effective than other traditional medicines in treating diarrhoea.

Method: Take two bananas and cut them into small pieces. Mix them well with a cup of yoghurt. Take twice a day until the symptoms disappear.


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Some facts to consider when using yogurt for diarrhoea

  • If you want to take yoghurt for diarrhoea, check carefully whether the label is simple and unsweetened or not. Because if you treat diarrhea, you need this kind of yogurt. In addition, the presence of live cultures in the yoghurt must be checked.
  • You have to eat a lot of yogurt. Excessive yoghurt consumption can lead to kidney stones or other physical discomforts.
  • Choose a milk-free, lactose-free yoghurt if you cannot tolerate regular cow’s milk yoghurt.
  • Eat enough water and liquid food to keep your body fluid level.

Finally, yoghurt is a good home remedy for diarrhoea. In my article I tried to explain what the use is and how yoghurt is used to treat diarrhoea. I hope you find this article informative and useful.

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