Best Yogurt Makers Comparisons 2020 – #3 is Best Overall

Preparing your own food at home (whatever it is) is one of the best ways to make sure you know exactly what happens to what you eat. You don’t have to worry about recycled ingredients and other things that can be harmful to your health when cooking for yourself. Finding and buying the best yogurt producer can help.

Top five yoghurt producers for 2020:


  1. Euro-kitchen YMX650 yoghurt maker
  2. Kitchen Handset CYM-100 Electronic Yoghurt Machine
  3. Euro-kitchen YM80 yoghurt maker
  4. Producer of electric yoghurt
  5. Proctor Silex, yogurt manufacturer

Find out what works best for you in our detailed reports below …

Yoghurt Botanie 2020: the best yoghurt producers

When people think about making their own food, yoghurt rarely comes to mind because most people think that making yoghurt is a complicated process. In fact, everyone can make their own yoghurt, and it is even possible without yoghurt, although it becomes much easier.

Of course, there are different types of yogurt that you can cook, and they differ from each other depending on the recipe. For example, ordinary yoghurt and Greek yoghurt are not prepared in the same way, so there is no single method for preparing all types of yoghurt, and there are various techniques that can be mastered.

Reviews and comparisons

But don’t be too scared, because many of the best yogurt makers come up with recipe books and instructions on how to make yogurt. We also recommend watching some training videos on YouTube. Before you buy a yoghurt machine, you should have an idea of how the yoghurt production process works.

How are we going to help you find the best yogurt producer in the ranking? To make it easy, we will look at five different models in our best reviews of yogurt makers. Three of these manufacturers will be optimized for conventional yoghurt and the last two will allow you to cook Greek yoghurt.

You might wonder why it’s so important to get the best yogurt. There are many reasons to invest in high quality kitchen appliances, such as a reliable yoghurt maker; you save money on the yoghurt in the shop, the best automatic machine makes the yoghurt taste better and much more.

Following our comments about yoghurt manufacturers, we will provide you with a list of features to take into account when searching for the ideal product for your needs. If you’ve already bought one of these products, you probably already know exactly what to look for in a yogurt shop, so this section is absolutely useless.

Best yoghurt producers in 2019: Our 5 best options

Enough with the delays. Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for our research guide, let’s get on with what you came here for.

European cuisine YMX650 Yoghurt

When asked who is usually the best yogurt producer, few people can hope to compete with this Euro Cuisine model. It’s a product that may not have too many frills, but it’s made from high-quality components that are sure to last longer than the competition.


  • Comes with seven 6-ounce jars, each with a lid to record the date.
  • A simple 15-hour timer makes it easy to follow the evolution of your yoghurt.
  • Beep when your yogurt’s ready.
  • It switches off automatically to save energy and components.
  • Made from BFA-free materials.
  • 3 years warranty

The first indication that this product has been manufactured with the greatest care can already be seen before it is removed from its packaging, as it is guaranteed for 3 years. Most producers of low quality yoghurt tend to collapse long before this point, especially if they are used often enough. It’s nice to see a product that has a long lifespan.

Euro-kitchen YMX650 Digital yoghurt dispenser


Even though this product doesn’t have too many fancy additives, it has certain properties that make it easier for to make youryogurt. On the front panel of this yoghurt maker, for example, is a very sensitive timer that lets you know how many hours you have left before your yoghurt is ready.

In addition to the timer, the machine beeps when your yogurt is ready, making it much harder to forget. I’m sure many of us made the mistake of leaving our yogurt with the manufacturer for too long, but with this product it’s almost impossible. There are many other characteristics of the quality of life.

This model comes with sevenglass containers, each with its own label. You don’t have to pay attention to your taste, which is certainly confusing when trying to distinguish between the different aromas of berries or sweet and unsweetened yoghurt.

As you can see, not only does the reliability of this product make it excellent, but it certainly cement the reputation of YMX650 as the best producer of electric yoghurt on the market. Moreover, this model is available at a very reasonable price and offers one of the best value for money in this category.  Check out the latest offer and free shipping for privileged users on Amazon.

Kitchen phone CYM-100 Electronic yoghurt

While the old yogurt maker was the best product for almost everyone because of its low price and ease of use, you will find that this model is designed for those who take their yogurt seriously. Cuisinart is recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances, which is reflected in this product.


  • The precision cooling system of this model ensures an ideal temperature.
  • This model can contain up to six 8-ounce containers of yoghurt for cooking.
  • The use of a single button makes this unit much easier than competing models.
  • The ability to set the time allows you to make different types of yogurt
  • has a digital display for the timer, so it is easy to read at a glance.
  • The four-component design makes this model easier to clean than its competitors.

There are many features that help to make this model a leader compared to other competitors, and it has few drawbacks. Simply put: If you can do without the cost of this product, it will be the best yogurt maker you’ve ever seen, but not everyone has such a large budget.

Kitchen Handset CYM-100 Electronic Yoghurt Machine


Anyway, let’s look at some features that will help you make the best yogurt at home with this device. First of all, it is , equipped with adigital timer, a convenience that is present in most modern yoghurt makers, but it is always nice to be able to see at first sight how far away your yoghurt is.

Although it is a state-of-the-art product, it is not exclusively intended for experienced yogurt makers, because you can operate the CYM-100 with almost no experience. Since there are only four commands (extend, shorten, start and stop), this machine can be used by almost anyone, provided they know how to make yoghurt.

This yoghurt machine has a four-component structure, divided into a lid set, a lid for the yoghurt tray, the yoghurt tray itself and the entire machine body. Because you can easily disassemble and store this yogurt, you don’t have to bend down to get to hard to reach places.

As you can see, it is a yogurt producer designed for customers who want to produce the best yogurt at all costs. If you don’t mind paying a little extra for the improved quality and reliability of yogurt, this Cuisinart machine is unbeatable in its price range.

Euro Kitchen YM80 Yoghurt Maker

The YM80 yoghurt maker from Euro Cuisine is an entry-level yoghurt maker that functions as a high-quality product: Whether you have already made your own yoghurt at home or are an absolute beginner, the Euro Cuisine Yoghurt Maker has its place in your kitchen – and it is one of the easiest to use.

With the YM80 you can dispose of ingredients, switch on and operate the machine. That’s all you have to do. Except for the timer setting, of course. Incorporating cans means you can produce different types of yoghurt at the same time. It’s great if you like variety or if you throw a party for people with a different taste.


  • Comes with seven glasses.
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Parameters allowing better control of the final product
  • The benches can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • It is made of absolutely safe materials.


The first and best advantage of the YM80 yoghurt machine is its ease of operation. It is not necessary to operate a violin with different settings to start the instrument: Drop the ingredients, set the time, and that’s it. It’s easy to use and so easy to operate that it’s the first yoghurt dispenser you’ve ever bought and the last one you’ll ever need. The seven can option means you don’t have to create a full batch every time you start the machine – you can create as many as you like.

It’s made from BPA-free materials, which is a huge benefit for people who still care about their health – and guarantees a healthy, large batch of healthy yoghurt (or even seven different small yoghurts) every time.

It also has a handy automatic shut-off feature, making it one of those appliances in your kitchen that you don’t have to worry about or constantly check.

Euro-kitchen YM80 yogurt maker



  • The YM80 is covered with cells of high quality material and guarantees a long life – and many different yoghurt lots.
  • It warms up, but not so much that you’re afraid to leave your car unattended during the day.
  • Its ease of use makes it one of the best yoghurt makers on the market and it is ideal for those who have never used one of these devices before. It is also good for those who consider themselves to be advanced yoghurt producers, making them universal.


  • Although glass jars are excellent for the actual preparation of yogurt, they are not very suitable for storing yogurt and we recommend using separate containers for transferring yogurt from the car. Glasses can leak if they are placed on their side like in a lunch box.
  • For larger quantities of yogurt, some more cans could be produced.
  • No automatic shutdown or cooling

Manufacturers of electric yoghurts

It is much easier to get fresh yogurt at home if there is something like electric yogurt in the kitchen.

Thanks to its simple and straightforward design, the daily production of fresh yoghurt requires a minimum of effort and saves hundreds of euros throughout the year by buying expensive yoghurt brands in the supermarket.

It is an excellent product for those who are careful with their weight or who follow a certain low-carb diet or who do not want to follow a high-carb diet.

You can place exactly the ingredients you need and avoid sugar, fat or artificial substances you don’t need. This makes them much healthier than anything you can find in the store.

Remember, this machine still needs work.

Yoghurt producer


Although it maintains the ideal temperature for yoghurt fermentation, the milk still needs to be boiled and then cooled before it is ready, so not completely automatically, as you would think.

One of the useful things this Yogourmet Yogurt Shop offers is a dishwasher with a safe inner bowl. You can take it off and put it in the car, and it will clean as much as you need.

As for the clutter, it is certainly one of the easiest to maintain, making it perfect for people who can be pressed in the morning when they eat their yogurt.

Proctor Sylex Yoghurt Manufacturer

If you really want to personalize and forget your dishes, you’ll love the automatic features of the Proctor Silex Yogurt Maker. Just put the ingredients in the container and let them work, so that nothing can be transported in or out of the different pots and containers.

The good thing about this yogurt maker is that when you have finished making the yogurt, the container is also safe for the fridge. It’s all off and you can put it directly in the fridge to relax, which prevents even more clutter and complications.

Proctor Silex 86300 Yoghurt Maker Review


On the front panel there are buttons to control the settings, on/off and a digital timer that counts down the time until the yogurt is ready. They’ve designed it so that you can do everything on your desk while you’re living or preparing other things.

The only design problem of this yoghurt producer is the tray on the inside. Some said it was too small, while others complained there was no easy way to get it out of the car when the fermentation was over. You should try to figure out how to get him, but don’t be completely fooled.

It is a simple and affordable yogurt machine without luxury features that can make life difficult for other people. It is made of high quality stainless steel and durable plastic for the container, so while it may be affordable, it certainly has the right materials to last for years.

Characteristics to be displayed in the yogurt maker

Temperature controller

Different types of yogurt have different temperatures, which can be considered ideal for fermentation. You will find that the most advanced yoghurt manufacturers on the market let you choose this temperature, while others just have a fixed temperature that should work for most yoghurts.

An adjustable temperature is still relatively rare among local yoghurt producers. This characteristic is more common in commercial models because they are often used by professionals who know the intricacies of even the smallest temperature differences. If you’re serious about yogurt, the temperature settings are certainly very useful.

How much yoghurt can it produce?

Another thing to consider before buying is how much yogurt your car can produce. It depends on several aspects, but especially on the volume of your yoghurt maker or the number of cans you can put in it.

Come with yogurt

Larger machines will be able to hold more cans, which will not only increase the total volume of yoghurt you can prepare, but also allow you to choose different flavours. Many yoghurt manufacturers offer a range of labels that allow you to follow your taste.

Is it easy to clean?

When you’ve finished making your yogurt, there’s one more thing you need to do, and that’s clean your yogurt maker. Treating a yogurt producer who is difficult to clean is one of the most frustrating experiences, because yogurt usually gets .everywhere.

If you want to make your life easier, you will want to invest in a yoghurt machine that is either dishwasher safe or equipped with components. Some yoghurt makers are not only dishwasher safe, they are also designed to minimize the clutter you encounter after eating.

Common yogurt or Greek yogurt?

When you choose a yogurt maker, you have to ask yourself whether you want one that can make Greek yogurt or regular yogurt. You’ll find that Greek yogurt tends to taste a little more sour than regular yogurt, and many studies have praised it as being healthier.

After all, the choice of yogurt depends entirely on your personal preferences. I advise you to try different brands of yoghurt and then decide which one you prefer. However, if you want to buy yoghurt, you probably already know which type of yoghurt you prefer.  If you are specifically looking for a Greek yogurt producer, check out our buying guide.

How long does it take

Most yoghurt manufacturers are able to ferment your yoghurt in about 8 to 12 hours, but some species take a little longer to develop their full flavour potential. Most yoghurt producers will be equipped with a timer that allows you to control the fermentation time of your yoghurt.

Yoghurt and yoghurt producers

Frequently asked questions

How does a yogurt master work?

The yoghurt maker works by keeping the temperature of the milk and the yoghurt-start mixture that ferment in the yoghurt constant. The main difference between yoghurt producers is the configuration of the packaging. Many yogurt makers usually have six to eight individual jars of the same size as those bought in the yogurt shop; others have a large jar. The high quality machines have functions that control the temperature according to the ideal fermentation and a timer that automatically stops the machine when it is finished.

Buying yogurt?

Many people suggest making homemade yoghurt because it is cheaper than buying yoghurt in a shop. More importantly, although many purchased yoghurts are promoted as healthy foods, they contain artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, as well as thickeners such as pectin. So the main advantage of buying a yogurt maker is that you know you’ve only added healthy ingredients.

How to use a yogurt?

First a mixture is made of milk and yoghurt (bacteria that ferment milk into yoghurt). Don’t forget to preheat the yogurt before using it. Then pour the milk into your yoghurt machine, which keeps the mixture at a constant temperature, and let the yoghurt ferment for eight to twelve hours. However, some types of appetizers need a little more time to develop their full flavour potential. Put it in the fridge before serving.

Can yoghurt be very hot?

Currently, most yoghurt manufacturers allow you to select the temperature, while others have an automatic temperature setting that is ideal for most yoghurt snacks. The ideal device reaches temperatures ranging from 43.3 °C to 46.1 °C and can withstand temperatures for around eight hours.


We hope this guide has helped you find the best yogurt producer for yourneeds. There are many more excellent products on the market, but we are convinced that it is the choice of the best products. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.



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